Thirteenth Generation

603. Stephen Paul Sardeson was born in 1948 in Monroe, Green, Wisconsin, USA. He was educated at Sunset Institute of Biblical Studies (formerly SSOP) in 1971. He was educated at UW-Whitewater graduate with a BS in Social Work in 1976 in Whitewater, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA. Stephen was educated at UW-Oskosh graduate with a MPA in Public Administration in 1991. He has reference number REFN-84.

Stephen Paul Sardeson and Patricia R Clary were married in 1968. Patricia R Clary was born in 1949 in Baraboo, Sauk Co., WI, USA. She has reference number REFN-107.

Stephen Paul Sardeson-84 and Patricia R Clary-107 had the following children:



Scott Stephen Sardeson-108.



Tami Ann Sardeson-109.