Tenth Generation

231. Allie Myron Sardeson6 was born on 27 July 1867 in Blanchardville, Lafayette, WI, USA.6 He died on 23 August 1946 in Blanchardville, Lafayette, WI, USA. He was buried in Graceland Cem., Blanchardville, Lafayette Co., WI, USA.6 Allie has reference number REFN-7. Allie Sardeson was a miller at the Sardeson mill in Blanchardville. Later in life, Allie operated the gas station in Blanchardville on Main Street.

Allie Myron Sardeson and Isabel Smedsrud were married on 12 February 1890. Isabel Smedsrud6 was born on 3 April 1872 in Moscow Township, Iowa Co., WI, USA. She died on 2 April 1917 in Blanchardville, Lafayette, WI, USA.25 She was buried in Graceland Cem., Blanchardville, Lafayette Co., WI, USA. Isabel has reference number REFN-8.

Allie Myron Sardeson-7 and Isabel Smedsrud-8 had the following children:



Florence Beulah Sardeson-61.



Lisle Columbus Sardeson-62.



Addie Elma Sardeson-63.



Ethel Fay Sardeson-64.



Allie Lucion Sardeson-65.



Maurice Sardeson-4.



Beatrice Fern Sardeson-66.



Philip Raymond Sardeson-67.



Odessa Belle Sardeson-68.

Allie Myron Sardeson and Elizabeth Rose Street were married on 7 March 1925 in Freeport, Stephenson Co., IL, USA. Elizabeth Rose Street was born on 12 July 1875 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. She died on 1 May 1958 in Kammerude Nursing Home. She has reference number REFN-69.