Ninth Generation

157. Mary Sardeson was born on 13 January 1837 in Dyke, Lincolnshire, England. She lived in Beaver City, Furnas, NE, USA in December 1915. She died on 12 February 1933 in Autwine, Kay Co., OK, USA. Mary was buried in Beaver City, Furnas, NE, USA. She has reference number REFN-46. Marry had the following last names: Timmons, Pettis, Knapp, which would indicate she was married three times. I also have a note as follows: Jonathan and Alice sent building materials out to NE to replace homesteader's sod hut, per John Sardeson.

Because she was married in Carrolltown, it appears that Mary accompanied her mother when she moved to live with William and Ann Sardeson Sleight (Mary's older sister) after Mary's father's death in April of 1854.

Mary Sardeson and Thomas Wilman Timmins were married on 3 February 1855 in Carrolltown, Greene Co., IL, USA. Thomas Wilman Timmins died on 13 February 1863 in Civil War. He has reference number REFN-145.

Mary Sardeson-46 and Thomas Wilman Timmins-145 had the following children:



Emma Timmons was born in July 1859 in Pattawattomie, KS, USA. She died on 2 February 1883. She has reference number REFN-578.



William T Timmons-579.

Mary Sardeson and Morgan "Lewis" Pettis were married in May 1866 in Argyle, Lafayette, WI, USA. Morgan "Lewis" Pettis was born on 9 February 1830 in Owego, Tioya Co., New York. He died on 14 February 1886 in Furnas Co., NE, USA. He was buried in Sprint Green Cem.. Morgan has reference number REFN-581. Morgan Pettis was married before and had a son named Morgan Allen Pettis who was age 3 when Morgan and Mary were married.

Mary Sardeson-46 and Morgan "Lewis" Pettis-581 had the following children:



Charlotte Ann Pettis-584.



James Winfield Pettis was born on 12 June 1870. He has reference number REFN-586.



Jessie Octavia Pettis-587.



Ervin Pettis was born on 5 May 1877. He has reference number REFN-588.

Mary Sardeson and Henry Elmer Knapp were married in 1892. Henry Elmer Knapp was born on 29 October 1835 in Newfane, VT, USA. He died on 11 January 1904 in Norton, KS, USA. He has reference number REFN-590.