Tenth Generation

221. Fredrick William Clark was born on 12 August 1857 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL, USA. He died on 5 February 1916. He has reference number REFN-434. Frederick William Clark was a college professor (Boston Technical Collete, later M.I.T.) of mining engineering from the time of his graduation in 1880 until he departed for Jonathan Clark & Sons Construction Co. in Chicago, IL per Eric Sardeson-Clark.

Fredrick William Clark and Phebe Freeman Dyer were married on 5 June 1884 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL, USA. Phebe Freeman Dyer was born on 24 October 1859 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL, USA. She died on 6 April 1944 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL, USA. She was buried in Rosehill Cem., Chicago, IL, USA. Phebe has reference number REFN-560.

Fredrick William Clark-434 and Phebe Freeman Dyer-560 had the following children:



Dorothy Sardeson Clark was born in 1887. She died in 1934. She has reference number REFN-563. Dorthy Sardeson Clark was never married per JHS.



Francis Dyer Clark was born in 1888. He died in 1889. He has reference number REFN-564.



Constance Clark was born in 1889. She died in 1894. She has reference number REFN-565.



Kathryn Dyer Clark was born in 1892. She has reference number REFN-566.



Kenneth Dyer Clark-567.