Eighth Generation

88. William Sardeson2,5,6,7 was born on 3 August 1793 in Ancaster, LINCS, England. He was christened on 4 August 1793. He died on 25 April 1854 in Naperville, DuPage, IL, USA. William was buried in Naperville, DuPage, IL, USA. William was buried at Lot 179, Section 2. He has reference number REFN-25. William belonged to the Anglican Church and was a Miller. William and his family lived at Ancaster LINCS, England, Hagworthingham LINCS, Kirkby Green, LINCS and Wilsford, LINCS, and finally emigrated from LINCS around 1851 to Naperville, IL, USA. William and Anns children John, Ann, and Alice had emigrated to the US earlier in about 1849. Charles and William remained back in England. Eliza did come to the USA and lived in Chicago, IL, USA. There is no information on what happened to Sarah "Sally" or where she died.

William Sardeson and Anne Moody7 were married on 2 January 1817 in Wilsford, LINCS, England. Anne Moody2,5,6 was born on 16 July 1797 in Farnsfield, NOTTS, England. She died on 5 April 1887 in Argyle, Lafayette, WI, USA. She was buried in New Argyle Cem., Argyle, Lafayette Co., WI, USA. Anne has reference number REFN-26. Ann Moody went to live with her daughter Ann Sleight in Southern IL when her husband died. Then later Ann went to Argyle to live with James Sardeson.

William Sardeson-25 and Anne Moody-26 had the following children:



Charles Sardeson-38.



John Sardeson-39.



Ann Sardeson-40.



William Sardeson-41.



Eliza Sardeson-42.



Alice Sardeson-43.



James Sardeson-44.



Cornelious Sardeson5,10 was born on 20 March 1833 in Dyke, Lincolnshire, England. He has reference number REFN-45. Cornelious Sardeson is a lost relative. He left home after an argument with his Father when they were in the United States. It is believed that he may of been involved in the Civil War on the side of the South. Evidently there is some stories about a Col. Cornelious Sardeson in the Civil War that Professor Fredrick W Sardeson (1866-1958) mentioned in a letter. Another theory is that Cornelious joined a circus which was a popular thing for runaways to do in those days.



George Sardeson-11.



Mary Sardeson-46.



Joseph Sardeson-47.



Sarah Sardeson was born on 10 August 1841 in Dyke, Lincolnshire, England. She has reference number REFN-48. There is no known information on Sarah Sardeson. We do not know where she lived or if she ever married. Is it possible that Sarah Sardeson changed her name to Adelade Sardeson REFN-1845 and moved to MI, USA where she married S Cole? The date of birth is the right year and we lost track of Sarah and we have this mystery Sardeson named Adelade E Sardeson.