Twelfth Generation

423. Richard Eugene Sardeson was born in 1932 in Blanchardville, Lafayette, WI, USA. He attended in 2002 in Bandera, TX, USA He has reference number REFN-241.

Richard Eugene Sardeson and Norma Elaine Meisner were married in 1957 in Chapel of the Queen Anne Baptist Church, Seattle, WA, USA. They were divorced in 1997 in WA, USA. Norma Elaine Meisner was born in 1932 in Wilton, North Dakota, USA. She has reference number REFN-326.

Richard Eugene Sardeson-241 and Norma Elaine Meisner-326 had the following children:



Jill Eileen Sardeson-742.



Jon Eric Sardeson-743.



Jay Eliot Sardeson-757.

Richard Eugene Sardeson and Diane Leslie Muller were married after 1997. Diane Leslie Muller was born in 1947 in Erie, Erie Co., Pennsylvania, USA. She attended in 2002 in Bandera, TX, USA She has reference number REFN-1834.