Twelfth Generation

416. Gordon Sardeson was born in 1922 in Blanchardville, Lafayette, WI, USA. He has reference number REFN-179.

Gordon Sardeson and Marion ? were married in 1998 in Claremaont, Lake, FL, USA. Marion ? has reference number REFN-1841.

Gordon Sardeson and Marian June Schrepfer were married in 1946 in Belleville, Dane Co., WI, USA. Marian June Schrepfer was born on 18 June 1924 in Exeter Township, Green Co., Wisconsin, USA. She died on 23 November 1994 in Friendship, Adams Co., WI, USA. She was buried in Belleville Cem., Belleville, Dane, WI, USA. Marian has reference number REFN-1044.

Gordon Sardeson-179 and Marian June Schrepfer-1044 had the following children:



Susan Kay Sardeson-233.



Nancy Joan Sardeson was born in 1954 in Portage, Columbia Co., WI, USA. She has reference number REFN-234.