Third Generation

8. Randolph Sardeson2,3 was born in 1619 in Calverton, NOTTS, England. He owned the family house and land at Calverton, NOTTS before 1650 in Calverton, NOTTS, England.2 He died about 1659.2 Randolph has reference number REFN-1519. Randolph was left "foure strikes of malt" by his grandfather Henry Sardeson in his will. In 1650 Randolph Sardeson sold the family house and land at Calverton, NOTTS, England. This was during the commonwealth when such sales where forbidden. Randolph grew up in Calverton.

Randolph Sardeson and Mary Knutton2 were married in 1640 in Calverton, NOTTS, England.2 Soon after the birth of their first son, Henry, the family moved from Calverton, NOTTS to Epperstone, NOTTS where six more children were born (7 total) including twins who died soon after birth. We do not know what happened to their sons, Henry and William, but Willaim may have married and had descendants at Epperstone, NOTTS.
Mary Knutton2 died in 1659. She has reference number REFN-1591. Mary Knutton was from Epperstone, NOTTS, England.

Randolph Sardeson-1519 and Mary Knutton-1591 had the following children:



Henry Sardeson was baptized in Calverton, NOTTS, England.



William Sardeson2 was born in 1648. He has reference number REFN-1592.



John Sardeson has reference number REFN-1593.



Mary Sardeson-1594.



Thomas Sardeson-1595.