Second Generation

5. John Sardeson2 was born between 1584 and 1589 in Calverton, NOTTS, England.2 Date of birth is in question and could be 1589 or 1584. He has reference number REFN-1511. John and Isabel were to have a son, Henry and a daughter, Mary. This Henry married twice, to Dorthy White in 1647 and Mary Bagulay in 1661. He was described as a labourer but must have been respected [and presumably a Round Head] as he was elected as Registrar of Calverton during the Commonwealth. This is recorded in the Parish Registers. We do not know of any descendants of this family.

John who was left two bacon flitches, one black chest with its contents, eight score (160) of geese in the Forest (Sherwood Forest) one quarter of rye, one quarter of malt and "one heffer calfe of colloe browne" in the will of his father Henry Sardeson.

John Sardeson and Isabel Ashtonne were married in 1618.2 Isabel Ashtonne has reference number REFN-1513.

John Sardeson-1511 and Isabel Ashtonne-1513 had the following children:



Henry Sardeson-1514.



Mary Sardeson2 was born in 1619 in Calverton, NOTTS, England. She has reference number REFN-2151.